Linux vs. Windows 10

The Linux vs. Windows debate has been going on for quite some time now and the release of the new Windows version has further escalated this debate on several points. While it’s true that Windows is much more comfortable and user friendly for those who do not wish to do anything more than working with their PC or laptop, the myth that Linux is specifically for those who deal with database, computing, or programming is not true any longer. The new versions of Linux as for the average desktop or laptop users and they are fully compatible with most programs which you run with Windows.  In this article we would like to represent you a couple of key points where Linux is currently better than the new version of Windows.

Interface issues

With the release of Windows 8 a few years ago, Windows has decided to switch its interface altogether and make it similar to how it looks like on smartphones. However this new interface is very disturbing for the users of older versions and it proves to be much more complicated than it should be. The new version of Linux which is called Mint has been specifically designed to cut down all the features which might be confusing or too complex for the average users to handle.

Performance issues

Windows runs way slower than Linux, its operating system continuously eats up the CPU usage because it needs tons of extra programs to run in the same time and this is also true for all the anti-virus and anti-malware programs which need to run in the background.

Linux is still free

This is a big deal in today’s world. Yes, Linux started up as a freeware but the main thing is, that it has stayed free all along.

Windows 10 is extra large

Now, that the period of free upgrade is over, users need to pay an extra to get the Windows 10 on their computer and it is indeed a very large program to download.

The Office problem is over

Most people opted for Windows specifically because of its supporting package, the Office, which we all know is not compatible with any other systems ( Apple’s iOS for instance) but today this problem is largely resolved by Google’s online application Google docs and Google Excel which work the same as their Office counterparts and can be shared online instantly. Linux also has the option to run the proper Office programs with the help of its virtualization software.


Linux is more secure than Windows. First of all it’s because many more people use Windows, therefor the malware producers would primarily target Windows users with all they have.

Support system

Windows has a good support but the sheer number of people who use it on a daily level makes supporting all of them way harder. Linux has a good strong support system which is way faster and more reliable therefore even if you have an issue you can be sure to get a quick solution for it.

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