Linux Operating System- A Beginner’s Guide

The Linux is UNIX like open source operating system or a kernel that supports on many computer platforms. Currently, the Linux OS has 50 million users in all over the world. This is a well known and widely used operating system, which can be distributed under the license of an open source. The functionality of this OS is similar to UNIX. Just like windows, the Linux is a user-friendly and free operating system that available to download on the internet. It is fully based on the commercial OS such as UNIX. When compared to other operating systems, the Linux is more stable as well as more efficient. This is why; many web hosts are using the Linux based servers for the hosting purposes.
When it comes to security, the Linux has a great support for the multi-users. It allows you to set up the internet gateways and stable server and so on. Still, this operating system can also be used as the desktop workstation. It could be rarely affected by any blue screens or viruses and also a very few number of viruses have written for Linux. It has a robust character cell interface, where the user needs to type the commands. However, this Linux OS can be comprised of the following number of pieces include,

The Kernel
The kernel is actually known as Linux. It is a core of the entire system, which manages the memory, CPU and peripheral devices. The lowest level of OS is the kernel.

The Shell
The shell is a Linux command line. This command process allows the user to control their system through commands typed into a text interface. But there is no need to use the command line in the modern desktop Linux.

The Boot Loader
The boot loader is software that manages the process of booting in a computer.

The daemons are background services such as scheduling, printing, sound, etc. It can setup either during boot or after you are logging to the desktop.

Just like Mac and windows, the Linux also provides thousands of top quality titles of software, which could be easily found and installed on your system.

Graphical user
The graphical user is also called as the X or X server. It is a sub-system, which displays the graphics on your screen.

Advantages of using Linux OS
Now, the Linux OS is most famous among the programmers, which can be used the regular computer users in the entire globe. The major benefits of using Linux are,
Free and open source operating system
User can easily modify it with programming knowledge
Best choice of OS for server environments due to its high reliability and stability
Highly secured OS system and do not need any antivirus
More safe and robust operating system
Provides millions of applications and programs to choose from, that are free

How to install the Linux OS?
First, you should ensure that your system meets the requirement of Linux OS installation. Then, you setup the wireless, if necessary and allocate the hard drive. Finally, choose a type of installation and tap on Install now.

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