Chapeau 21

A “Plethora” of Fedora Changes: Chapeau 21!

Many loyal users to Fedora and Linux OS have been contemplating most heavily for at least the past year various “forking” methods and options available for Fedora. Advancing featurability, accessibility, dynamic, and variables can be a complicated task, and time-consuming. However, Chapeau 21 is a perfect representation of how advancements are always possible, reinforcing the stance and purpose of an Open-Source module; Fedora.

Chapeau 21 really goes the extra mile with features, appearance, and desktop control and apps. The newer Chapeau 21 provided an upgraded and much more ‘easy on the eyes’ desktop environment, labeled Gnome 3.14. This desktop environment is much more interactive than previous versions, and really enhances the Fedora experience in a user-friendly way. With an open-source OS like Fedora it can be easy to get caught up on the ‘smaller obstacles’, since it’s indeed open-source and without updates one might find themselves “locked in” to current features, buttons, accessories, apps, etc.

Chapeau 21 also includes LibreOffice 4.3, which is a great upgrade and relevant approach to utilize an office application software and maintain access as well as flexibility to nearly any work or school related project—think along the lines of OpenOfficeOrg.

With the Chapeau 21 update Steam comes included, which is a great asset to have for entertainment, such as downloading games, music, and hypothetically apps in general. With this advancement users of Plethora find more applications and modifications at the tips of their fingertips, as this is a both very popular and effective software—application.

The newer Chapeau 21 also includes VLS and upgraded Flash Support, so utilization of the browser and even desktop in general, for various applications, games, and video-types becomes all the more practical—as well as modern.

Users will also enjoy RPMFusion software preconfigured with the Chapeau 21 update. Users that allow automatic updates can enjoy these changes with a breeze. To top it all of Gnome Boxes are also applied and made available to Fedora users. These various applications or software really add to the unique, yet practical and modern touch or purpose of Fedora. As updates continue to come in, user’s anticipate increased updates, patching, and flexibility with these various code applications—all, ultimately, in the name of really modernizing and making applicable changes to user-experiences, regardless the nature of task.